Sunday, December 9, 2012

Discover Guide - The Total Vacation Destination

Walt Disney World Discover Guide
Here is a planning guide for Walt Disney World from early 1981, prior to the official launch of their Tencennial celebration.  The cover uses the right-justified Big-D/Globe Head logo similar to the GAF style logos of the mid-70's but not identical.  

"Seasons in the fun!  Choosing the right time of year to visit is an important ingredient for a great vacation."  The opening layout of the guide shares the best reasons (and images) for visiting in any season....including Winter's "sweater weather."

'Set aside two full take in all six themed "lands" of the Magic Kingdom.'  The guide also highlights the EPCOT Center Preview theatre where guests may see a presentation on '...the most exciting new entertainment concept in the history of Walt Disney Productions.'  
I had the privilege of seeing the EPCOT Center Preview theatre in Town Square.  At 10, I remember thinking that it looked too 'educational.'
More from this guide, including more awesome 80's images like these, in my next post.