Saturday, August 25, 2012

Close Cover to Prevent Forest Fires

Fort Wilderness Resort Matchbook
It would only make sense that a campground resort would sell matches.  Chip & Dale can't start all of those campfires on their own. This matchbook has a nice Big D/Globe Head logo on the 'saddle' and an early version of the Fort Wilderness logo with coonskin capped Mickey and his musket on the front & back.  I don't know the age of this matchbook but since it is a 'back-striker,' it is most likely post-1973.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

A Python-Like Banyan Tree

Adventureland Jungle Cruise postcard
01110206 dp 79913-C
'Amid lost Asian ruins, a python-like Banyan tree grips an ancient stone god in a living of the spectacular sights in store for guests aboard explorer's launches on the "danger-filled" Jungle River Cruise.'  You have just read THE BEST postcard description ever written for this original Walt Disney World attraction.
Along with the early Florida Flag logo, this postcard is the first in the 'dp' series of cards featuring the parrot icon indicating it is from Adventureland.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Florida Orange Bird

Florida Orange Bird Plate
The Florida Orange Bird has made a remarkable recovery this year.  A native of Adventureland, it was placed on the endangered species list in the mid-80's after its popularity of the 70's waned.  This plate has the early WDW logo on the back.  I have also seen a bell, mug and other plates with this same design.  You can read more about the Orange Bird at Imagineeringdisney or WDWRadio.