Saturday, November 23, 2013

Where Did Donald's Nephews Go?

Black Metal Serving Tray
This summer I posted another version of this metal souvenir serving tray.  I can't imagine why the changes.  Notice that the menacing crocodile is now gone and Donald's two nephews have been replaced by Chip and Dale.  Hmm....I wonder what happened to those ducks? 

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Happy Birthday(land) Mickey!

McDonald's Happy Meal Box
Mickey's Birthdayland, 1988

This week marks Mickey's 85th birthday.  For his 60th birthday in 1988, Walt Disney World celebrated with what was going to be a temporary area in the Magic Kingdom called Mickey's Birthdayland set in the town of Duckburg.  You can read more the history of this area at Walt Dated World

McDonald's joined in the celebration with this Happy Meal box from 1989.  The Big D/Globe Head logo was used on the top.  Each side contained activities and/or punch out characters.  The toy was one of the Fab 5 in a  'pull-back racer.'  You can see the racers and a slight variation on this box in this commercial.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Oh, Boy! Coffee!

Walt Disney World Coffee Cup
Now that it is getting cold here in the North East, it is time to bring out the coffee cup.  This cup features Mickey with the original castle icon muted in the background, except for the odd Christmas light accents.  The Big D/Globe Head is pulled out from the logo on the back, similar to a few other items we've seen before.  What's unique about the logo on the back is the larger shape of the D.  Typically it would not be as wide when the Globe Head is removed.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Wait Time for Haunted Mansion

Cruising the Rivers of America postcard
So what do you think the wait time would have been for the Haunted Mansion back in 1971?  Take a look at that line in this early WDW postcard and the number of guests on the Admiral Joe Fowler.  Also, note the lack of foliage in the early days of the park.  This particular printing of this 0111 series postcard utilized the Florida Flag logo to differentiate Walt Disney World from the West Coast original.