Friday, August 29, 2014

Summer Salad

Salad fork & spoon
Here is a 11 inch fork & spoon to toss that final summer salad.  The ceramic handles have a picture of Cinderella Castle and the curved Walt Disney World logo without the Big D/Globe Head.  You will see more housewares from this series later in my collection.

Friday, August 22, 2014

A Sprite in Fantasyland

Sprite can
Fantasyland, 1986
I've shared most of the dwarfs from Coca-Cola's "15 Years" can series celebrating Walt Disney World's 15th anniversary.  Now it is time to share the can featuring their 'land.'  Fantasyland joins Adventureland in this great series from 1986. 

Friday, August 15, 2014

Guided Without GAF (part 2)

Your Complete Guide to Walt Disney World, 1978
pg 16 -17

Last week, I shared the first half of this guide to Walt Disney World from 1978.  The second half highlights 'A World of Special Attractions and Events,' the resorts and recreation options.  It begins with a fun caricature type map of the entire Walt Disney World property or at least what was developed at the time.  Similar maps can be seen in the World Magazine and previous GAF guides from 1977 and a year earlier in the Vacationers Guide.  The biggest change in this newer map is the incorporation of Lake Buena Vista area into the larger map as opposed to being separated out as it was in previous editions.  Included on the map, and with its own photo and description at the end of the guide, is the Lake Buena Vista Office Plaza.  I am not sure exactly why this was important to include in the guide other than the fact that it would include a post office and Sun Bank when completed...hmmm....maybe a new sponsor to replace GAF?

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Guided Without GAF

Your Complete Guide to Walt Disney World

Your Complete Guide to Walt Disney World is brought to you by.....Wait a minute.  What happened to GAF?  Just last year, 1977 that is, GAF, the View-master and camera people were the sponsor of these guides.

The 29 page guide is 5 1/2"x8".  The inside cover has a Transportation Schedule and a map.  Check out the key that has icons for Motor Coaches, Monorails, etc.  But try to find them on the map?  And how far is anyone going to get on the Empress Lilly?
The first few pages have 'Helpful Information' and details for '...our Blind Guests' and 'guests in wheelchairs.'  Interesting to note: "Guests in wheelchairs may await their parties inside attractions while party members go through waiting lines."
Pages 5-13 highlight each of the Magic Kingdom lands.  Each attraction is represented with a great sketch, has a short description and the ticket required.  The middle of the guide contains two great maps, the first one, Magic Kingdom, is below.  The second half will appear next week.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Twilight Fantasyland

Cinderella Castle - Fantasyland postcard
01110232 dp 79906-c
"Glowing warmly at twilight..." this Dexter Press postcard was the first in the Fantasyland series and features the castle icon on the back.  The numbers start a new sequence, skipping from 01110228 to 232 and it was printed with and without the Florida Flag logo.