Saturday, February 23, 2013

Preview Edition Map

Walt Disney World Preview Edition
1970, pg. 12

In the middle of the 1970 Preview Edition of Walt Disney World is this most excellent caricature map of the Magic Kingdom, the two original themed resorts and the recreation that surround the "2,500 acres of resort and recreation land."

The map is filled with representations of opening day attractions.  The image was used by Kevin Kidney & Jody Daily for a set of dinner plates to celebrate WDW's 40th.  You can see those and other great retro-disney inspired art work on Kevin's blog.

The text is taken from  the perspective of the 'Walt Disney World-Alweg Monorail...riding over a scenic 'highway in the sky.'  Apparently the editor must have felt the text was too imaginative and so there is a disclaimer at the beginning.  It's worth a read if you can pull yourself away from looking at the great images.