Saturday, March 2, 2013

Preview Edition - The Master Plan

Walt Disney World Preview Edition
1970, Back Cover
The final sections of the 1970 Preview Edition of Walt Disney World describe the resort amenities, provide a Q & A, and layout the "Master Plan" for the 43 square miles where "...Walt Disney incorporated the ideas and philosophies of a lifetime."

Pages 16 & 17 detail the entertainment, golf and convention options that would be available.  The Q & A section contains a map with the 'original' castle logo and the Big D/Globe Head marking Orlando.  There is also information on the Preview Center as well as instructions on purchasing an additional "Preview Edition" for $.65.

The Master Plan included "an airport of the future, an industrial park designed to showcase American industry at work...and an Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow,"  and new innovations, such as "the first 21st century information communication system" and vacuum tube disposal system.