Saturday, October 24, 2015

So Much Dust

The Haunted Mansion coloring pages
Walt Disney World: A Coloring Book, 1983

Leading up to Halloween, it is only appropriate that I share some early Haunted Mansion items.  Although, I must say that in reviewing my earliest Walt Disney World guides, the Haunted Mansion does not get much coverage.  It appears in all of the early guides but typically is overshadowed by other Liberty Square attractions.  The pages above are from a 1983 coloring book.  The Haunted Mansion gets 2 of 8 pages in the Liberty Square section of "20 Magical Years."  
While doing my research, I learned an interesting fact about the dust used to create the old effect in the mansion. "Local legend has it that enough has been used since the park's 1971 opening to bury the mansion."  That began appearing in WDW guides around 1990.  Imagine how big the pile of dust would be now.
And those cobwebs....well that's a secret process.