Saturday, October 17, 2015

Japanese Cup of Coffee

Embossed Coffee Cup
A recent addition to my collection is this early coffee cup from Walt Disney World.  A unique castle icon and Big D/Globe Head logo are embossed on the front with a crisp cobalt blue.  It is unusual to see this particular castle icon being used as the primary image on a piece.  It is the design used by much of the pieces 'made in Japan' but is typically seen on the back or bottom of the pieces, like on the 'Plane Crazy' plate I shared recently.  I've added a picture of that back, here.  You can also see the difference in castle icons by comparing the main design on this mug to one I shared several years ago.  You will see the flat bottomed 'Japanese' castle on the bottom of the mug but the main design is the more commonly used 'jack-o-lantern' castle.  I call it that because the bottom geometric shapes remind me of a carved pumpkin.