Saturday, January 12, 2013

Donald Premier Plate

Donald Duck 50th Birthday Plate & Holder
'The Wise Little Hen, 1934'
Continuing with my 2012 Christmas, here is one of two plates I received.  The plate depicts a scene from 'The Wise Little Hen,' Donald Duck's premier movie from 1934.  I received the present from a friend that visited the Theme Park Connection store in Winter Garden, FL during his recent trip to Orlando.  The plastic frame, made in the USA, has a fake wood look to it and uses the original WDW font without the Big D/Globe Head.
The plate, in celebration of Donald's 50th Birthday, is one of three sold in the parks in 1984.  The plate was 'designed and made for Disneyland and Walt Disney World.'  I don't know if the plate was originally sold in the WDW frame or not, but it fits perfectly.  I have found the plate set sold together on e-bay but they did not include the frame.