Wednesday, September 5, 2012

How Do I Get There From Here?

Your Complete Guide to Walt Disney World
Compliments of GAF Corporation
Here is the second half of 'Your Complete Guide to Walt Disney World: Compliments of GAF Corporation' from 1977. This section uses the same caricature map as 'The Vacationer's Guide to Walt Disney World.'
The labels on the map have been added as well as the parking lot section names like Grumpy & Bashful.  Pages 18 - 21 feature the 'GAF Photo Tips' and 'Extra pointers for movie fans.'

My favorite movie tip: 'Wind motor after each scene.'  Favorite photo tip: 'Some pictures don't need the family.'
Pages 22 - 27 highlight the resorts with better photos but less info compared to the 1975 edition.

Page 28 has an ad for two new Disney movies, including 'The Rescuers....a triumph in Disney animation!'  The 'Transportation Schedule' map replaced a great caricature map but this one appears to be more functional.