Sunday, September 2, 2012

1977 View of Walt Disney World

Your Complete Guide to Walt Disney World
Compliments of GAF Corporation
As Walt Disney World grew, so did the GAF Corporation's guide.  The 1975 version was 3.75"x8" but this 1977 edition is 5.5"x8".  The content is very similar but the wider format allows for more images. 

Page 4 was a new addition. "Getting Around at Walt Disney World: A special guide for guests in wheelchairs."  Coincidence, do you think, that 1977 saw nationwide sit-ins calling for changes to the Rehabilitation Act of 1973?

Each area of the Magic Kingdom had its own page.  Somehow Liberty Square's title was lost on page 9.  My copy has the notes from the original 'dizzy' owners.  Apparently they rode Mad Tea Party 'about 15 times.'

The cover features the 'right-justified' Big D/Globe Head logo that was commonly used on GAF products.  I have not found any other items that use this 'right-justified' version.  More to come from this 29 page brochure...