Saturday, November 26, 2011

Your first LOOK at the magical new Disney World

LOOK Magazine
April 6, 1971
Volume 35, No. 7
LOOK Magazine published a great 25 page spread on "the most gargantuan vacation enterprise ever devised...."  The article was titled Florida Boom! Boom! Boom?
"A day at Disney World will cost visitors - 45,000 expected on a busy day - at least $7.25 each...."

Note the pre-opening dirt road in Town Square.

"It's going to be thousands of acres of computerized fun"

"Popcorn, submarines and castles - but ecologically it's a good thing"

"It's entertainment and still more - a brand-new vacation world"

Count the number of hotels on the map.  A few never came to be.

This small, blurry picture is the only place the Bid D logo appears in the magazine.  It is the last picture and there is no mention as to why it is there.