Friday, November 25, 2011

It all started with...

Framed Postcards
...postcards.  That's how the collection began.  These are the first ones I purchased at a flea market.  Having just started out, not really sure what I was looking for and not sure how to bargain when things are not priced, I picked these old looking, colorful cards for a quarter a piece and left the cards with drawings of WDW.  What I turned  down were the more rare and elusive "pre-opening" postcards.  More on those later.
I had been collecting postcards for awhile without much focus.  They were primarily cheap souvenirs of my travels.  So it made sense to begin my WDW collecting with postcards.  My wife came up with the frame idea as a gift.
I have since begun to catalog the various series of early WDW cards that I have collected with help from a great resource list at Big Brian's WDW History in Postcards