Friday, May 8, 2015

Mouseketeer's Train Ride

The Mouseketeer's Train Ride
Golden Press, 1977

 Modeled after the original 1950's series, The New Mickey Mouse Club premiered in 1977.  I'm sure as a way to promote the new Club and the relatively new resort in Florida, this Golden Book was published.  I am assuming this was a popular book based on the fact that I have another copy that was a 5th printing in 1979.
The obvious premise of the book, the 12 Mouseketeers take a train to WDW, is made more captivating by a 'special someone who is also on board.'  Can you guess who it might be?  Well you will have to get a copy of this page turner to find out.  Also, keep a look out for a young Lisa Welchel of Facts of Life fame on the train.