Sunday, September 7, 2014

The Happiest Land of Them All

Cinderella Castle - Fantasyland postcard
01110233 dp 79903-c
This is the second card in the original Walt Disney World postcard series with this same name and subject.  01110232 is a vertical card.  This image, most likely taken prior to the park's opening in October of 1971, shows very different foliage than what you would see today.  Notice how much of Fantasyland can be seen on either side of the castle.
This Dexter Press (dp) postcard was printed with and without the Florida Flag logo on the back and in both blue and black ink.  The dp card has the Fantasyland icon of the castle on the back.  The Florida Flag postcard from my collection has a postmark of Feb 1972, just 4 months after the park opened.