Monday, September 2, 2013

The End of the World Magazine

World Magazine, 1977, back cover

The end of the World Magazine (see what I did there) from 1977 is filled with pictures and descriptions of new or upcoming or now extinct attractions at Walt Disney World.  Starting with "River Country: The Ol'Swimmin' Hole" on page 19 that was " excitingly new country....inside Fort Wilderness" but closed in 2001.  Page 24 introduces attractions "Just Around The Corner" including The Empress Lilly, The Main Street Electrical Parade and The Village Pavilion at the Lake Buena Vista Shopping Village, "...shaped as three adjoining hexagons, the new building will have the same weathered brick and cedar shingle exterior (with some added Victorian touches) as the rest of The Village."

In addition to these eminent new attractions, page 27 describes "World Showcase" where 10 to 30 nations may occupy the pavilions in...two facing semi-circular buildings."  Hmmm..... "Construction is scheduled to begin by late 1977."
Of course the Walt Disney World collector in me loves page 29 which highlights the various divisions that produce Disney merchandise.