Sunday, May 19, 2013

Turn and Learn About the Walt Disney World That Never Was

Mickey Mouse and his Friends in Walt Disney World
Ideal Toy Corp., 1971

This unique pre-school 'Turn and Learn Storybook' was produced by the Ideal Toy Corp. in 1971.  It measures 11.5" x 9.5" when closed. The wheels turn and create images that correspond to the story when the numbers are lined up in the center picture frame.

The story follows Donald and his nephews thru WDW.  But Huey and his new balloon gets whisked up by a gust of wind.  Peter Pan, in order to find him, flys over "The Old Caribbean Village, The North African Market Place, Persia and Italy," locations that were planned but never completed.

Ideal clearly anticipated the completion of these planned resorts, although they were not expected in Phase One.  Based on this oversight and the early Bay Lake logo on the front, I assume this item was developed in early 1971 before WDW opened to the public.