Sunday, November 25, 2012

Happy 1st Anniversary

Walt Disney World 1st Anniversary Button
October 1972
Today is the one year anniversary of my blog!  To celebrate, it is only appropriate that I share this Walt Disney World 1st Anniversary Button with all of you.  These pin-back buttons are a tradition for Walt Disney World cast members.  The first several years were this small (1 1/2"), hard plastic 'anniversary' style.  They moved to 'Happy Birthday' pins in the shape of Cinderella Castle during the late 70's and by the mid-80's were using the current pin-back buttons we know today.
I am enjoying sharing these small memories of Walt Disney World with you and I look forward to sharing more.  You can see the most popular posts from the past year on the right.  Thank you to all of you that follow me here and on twitter (Tim_WDW71)!