Friday, February 3, 2012

Magic Kingdom Talking View-Master (part 2)

Talking View-Master Booklet
Magic Kingdom
AVA955, 1973
The booklet that accompanies the Magic Kingdom Talking View-Master contains the narrative used on the reels.  The cover uses the stacked Big D logo found on many of the other GAF sponsored items.

The intro describes the park's various lands.  Tomorrowland gets its only mention here: '...where the forces of the atom and the blinking light of future knowledge highlight journeys into science and outer space.'

Along with the narration, the booklet contains some great drawings of rides and attractions, including the Mad Tea Party sans canopy.  The middle has a great map showing the location of each reel image.

The images show some iconic locations such as Cinderella Castle, Swiss Family Treehouse and 'it's a small world.'  As well, a few extinct attractions are featured, such as Mickey Mouse Revue and Skyway to Tomorrowland.