Friday, December 30, 2011

In the Parks - Magic Kingdom Attraction Posters

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Attraction Poster
Magic Kingdom Entrance
Here are some additional original logos that I searched out on my recent trip to WDW.  They are on attraction posters located at the entrance to the Magic Kingdom under the train station.  Most guests would recognize this area as the place to pick up 'guidemaps' and 'times guides' as they rush toward 'Town Square.'

These attraction posters are made to resemble 'Coming Attractions' movie posters.  After all, you are stepping into a show.  Why else do you think the pavement is red (carpet) and there is a popcorn cart right inside the park (theater) entrance?
Note the "Snow White's Adventures" carries the original name with the Scary omitted.

I don't know how original these posters are or if some of them are reproductions.  A few of them did have copyright dates.  You can see the 'Big Thunder Mountain Railroad' poster below dated 1979, a year before the ride's opening.  Making this a true 'Coming Attraction' poster.
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